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2021. 02. 23.

Smart Logistics! Panel discussion about the sustainable logistics!

Here is the link to the whole conference:: https://menedzserek.hu/menedzserek-a-tarsadalomert-digitalis-konferencia/ The Smart Logistics panel start at 6 hours 58 min.    

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2020. 10. 21.

Hauliers may have excellent autumn, but they need to be cautious!!

https://trans.info/en/hauliers-need-to-be-cautious-205365 The haulage sector should expect excellent results for their autumn operations.  And they really need to have a few strong months to do, as the economic downturn caused by the spring Covid wave has led to an average 30% drop in demand for road services in the EU market. The drastic collapse happening in […]

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2020. 01. 22.

What is the Impact of Driver Shortage on the Logistics Industry?

A number of effects are shaping the present and the future of the logistics industry, from the economy cycles through the raw material prices to the digitalization.

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2019. 10. 27.

Will small, digital Forwarders dominate the market at the expense of current giants?

We hand an exciting debate on the above mentioned topic on hyperLog forum (Lodz,24.10.2019) with Arkadiusz Glinka (C.H. Robinson) and Maximilian Schaefer (InstaFreight), moderated by Karol Sulinsky

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2019. 10. 22.

3 Alternative powertrain solutions that may be considered in Transportation

Besides labour shortage, economy cycles and raw material costs there are a number of other effects shaping the present and the future of the European freight forwarding.

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