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2021. 04. 13.

Give back!

Give back! That was my personal driver when I joined the Association of the Hungarian Executives in 2017 and took part in its different pro bono programs. Now I continue with the same mission, but already as a freshly elected member of the Executive Board. I’m fully assured, that we’ll efficiently support the Hungarian Manager’s […]

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2021. 02. 23.

Smart Logistics! Panel discussion about the sustainable logistics!

Here is the link to the whole conference:: https://menedzserek.hu/menedzserek-a-tarsadalomert-digitalis-konferencia/ The Smart Logistics panel start at 6 hours 58 min.    

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2020. 10. 21.

Hauliers may have excellent autumn, but they need to be cautious!!

https://trans.info/en/hauliers-need-to-be-cautious-205365 The haulage sector should expect excellent results for their autumn operations.  And they really need to have a few strong months to do, as the economic downturn caused by the spring Covid wave has led to an average 30% drop in demand for road services in the EU market. The drastic collapse happening in […]

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