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I am ready to share more than 20-year knowledge and experience of mine with company owners and leaders who are open to innovation and ready to meet the requirements of digital transformation; who want to grow, intend to do organisational development or simply want to reveal the hidden potential of their firms.

I offer them the following services

Creation of new business model for Shareholders & top managers

  • How to adopt?
  • How to plane?
  • How to implement?

a new business model, which answers for the new business climate caused challanges!

<strong>Logistics consulting</strong> for logistics companies in the fields of:

Logistics consulting for logistics companies in the fields of:

  • Digital transformation
  • Automation
  • Commercial strategy and business development
  • Recruitment and retention of labour

Strategic consulting on the following topics:

  • Strategy overview, Creation of a new Strategy
  • Organic growth
  • Growth through acquisitions
  • Reviewing the business model, developing and implementing a new business model
  • Company transformation
  • Cost saving
  • Organisation development

<strong>Executive coaching, mentoring</strong> in the following fields:

Executive coaching, mentoring in the following fields:

  • Senior management coaching
  • senior management mentoring
  • Selecting senior managers
  • Consultancy for generation change
  • Management development, training

General industry consultancy for not logistics companies in the following fields:

  • Holistic summary of the European logistics industry, its tendencies and future vision
  • Imaging about the requirements of the logistics industry for producers and service providers
  • Overview of the logistics industry as a target for investment

<strong>Management support for IPO</strong> and venture capital investment in the following areas:

Management support for IPO and venture capital investment in the following areas:

  • preparing management for fund raising process
  • preparing management for the road show
  • management training for keeping contact with the investors
  • equity story audit