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The Road Freight Price Index (KFX) is an objective and fully comprehensive industrial price index, which shows the impact of different economic changes on the freight price.

What is the goal of the KFX?

The goal of KFX is to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the economy, the supply of the private & industrial sector, support the domestic and European GDP growth with sustainable, high quality and efficient road solutions.

The Price Index shows the economic effects and it’s price impacts transparently to help making fair deals for the parties (Customers, Carriers, Forwarders). As a result of these win-win agreements customers may get a reliable, high quality road service and the hauliers may get fair profits, which enables their sustainable operation and investment in more efficient and carbon neutral technologies.

Who do we recommend using KFX for?

We recommend using the index for Customers, Carriers as well as Forwarders! Carriers can follow their own costs compared to the industrial benchmark and they can demonstrate price changes to the customers. The Clients can accurately follow the trends of the road freight’s costs and control the prices.


What does KFX contain and why is it a fully comprehensive Index?

The KFX contains all cost components of the road transportation such as, fuel, driver, highway, leasing’s rate of interest, amortisation and other costs. (overhead, R&M) Furthermore, it also takes into consideration the volatility of EUR-HUF exchange rate, certain productivity and efficiency KPIs (such as milage, empty run)

How often is KFX published?

The KFX is updated and published in our website (www.kfx.hu) and in the professional media every quarter.


What is the actual value of Road Freight Index?

KFX (international transport)


KFX (domestic transport)






What does this value mean?

The actual values mean, that the cost increases in 2024 Q41 (versus 2023 Q1) could be fully compensated by 13,5% price increase in case of international transportation and by 16,4% price increase in case of domestic transportation.

Based on the forecast the results also indicate that we have to be prepared to around 16-21% final increase in 2024.


What makes this index objective and credible?

The objectivity of KFX is guaranteed, because it is calculated and published by an independent advisor company, DigiLog Consulting Kft. Furthermore, it is verified by MKT. (Magyar Közgazdasági Társaság Logisztikai Szakosztálya)

What makes the Price Index accurate?

The Index is accurate, because the calculation is based on the figures of the TOP 20 Hungarian Carriers, behind which is the performance of thousands truck’s. Besides that we take into consideration different industrial, financial analyses and statistics.


How can I get more info about it?

To learn more about KFX or ask for detailed analyses, please contact our colleagues via kfx@kfx.hu.

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