It is a serious job for the modern companies to ensure their sustainable growth and profitability in this dynamically changing business environment.

Besides that, they have to face challenges such as:

  • labour shortage
  • digital transformation
  • strategy and business model to adjust to the changing macro environment

The viability and successful development of a company depends on their reaction to the challenges mentioned above. If we want to be winners of that, apart from the management’s expertise and commitment we also need:

  • objectivity ( an outside observer can often see different things and in a different way)
  • a holistic approach ( basis for comparison from another industry, knowledge of best practices )
  • experience form the given field of industry (basis for comparison from one’s own industry ,business models, knowledge of best practices)
  • up- to- date knowledge ( information of the latest solutions and trends )
  • a professional partner ( with whom business and leadership dilemmas can be discussed and who will ask the questions others will not)

The way I work

Since I myself worked as a CEO of a large company for years, I am aware: when we pay for a consultancy service the primary aspect is the traceable impact on the bottom line.

For me as an industrial expert the primary purpose is value creation. When we work together, the most important goal is to create something lasting for the company which ensures profit for the customer. In addition, and in the long term it must have a positive effect on the company operation and on its success. It is important for me to elaborate solutions that can be put into practice immediately; there must be tangible and measurable results of my advisory activity so that I can see the success of my customer.

I am pleased to cooperate with company owners, leaders and managers who would like to grow in the home or the European market; should they be Hungarian or multinational companies, representatives of the logistics or even other industries.

I am even ready for the challenge to establish together new, let alone international market leader companies!

For all this I offer the following services:

Crisis management support


Logistics consulting


Strategic consulting


Executive coaching


General industry consultancy


Management support for going public


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